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Company : [KOTRA] OAK FORT


Since our inception in 2010, OAK FORT has curated collections that reflect our design philosophies. OAK FORT is a belief that fashion should be uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed. We are not distracted or fettered by trends. We will continue to provide attainable luxury to like-minded individuals.



Position Summary

As the Warehouse Associate, you will be assisting in all warehouse duties and responsibilities including but not limited to picking orders, shipping and receiving.


  • Assist in picking and counting for sales orders, inventory transfer and replenishment for all store locations

  • Receive new product shipments

  • Assist with prepare all outgoing shipment for inter-company transfers

  • Assist in the delivery inventory replenishment to all local store locations when required

  • Load and unload merchandise

  • Participate in inventory/cycle count

  • Identify and implement best practices

  • Perform other assigned duties. 


  • Ability to lift up and move 50 lbs.

  • Previous background in a warehouse distribution environment

  • Experience with NetSuite, MS word and MS excel experience is desired

  • Strong ability to organize, prioritize and plan

  • Creative, strategic and forward thinker

  • Demonstrated ability to solve problems, achieve results and foster strong customer service orientation

  • Strong computer skills

  • Valid class 5 drivers license with 5 or more years' experience in driving with a clean record is an asset

  • Experience operating a 4×4 cargo van is an asset.


The Warehouse Manager is primarily responsible for leading managing the warehouse and the warehouse team.


  • Lead and work together with Warehouse Supervisor and Associates to perform all warehouse duties;
  • Oversee and supervise internal transfer/distribution and ensure products are delivered on a timely basis;
  • Ensure delivery methods are cost efficient while meeting delivery schedules through vendor management, cost reduction and cost maintenance;
  • Ensure inventory/cycle count are conducted according to the defined schedule to ensure inventory quantities are correct and to prevent variance in inventory quantities;
  • Ensure all warehouse equipment are functioning properly and report any warehouse deficiencies and inventory variance;
  • Analyze inventory history, trends and other business requirements to identify opportunities to optimize inventory levels;
  • Perform other assigned duties.


  • Completion of post secondary education or equivalent experience
  • Additional related facility management training preferred.
  • Must have strong knowledge of all warehouse procedures
  • Three or more years of related experience, with at least one or more years of supervisory experience
  • Experience in the retail industry is an asset
  • Excellent leadership abilities with the ability to organize, coordinate, and direct team activities
  • Strong computer skills in Microsoft Office Word and Excel, Google apps



Sales Generation

  • Meet minimum sales requirements based on district corporate goals
  • Provide exemplary client experience by executing OAK FORT Sales Culture
  • Evaluate store teams’ KPIs to assess ability to build and manage client relationships through client database recording
  • Be a brand ambassador by keeping up with new arrivals, product knowledge, and wearing current merchandise
  • Provide industry knowledge through awareness of products and prices in the market
  • Drive sales through OAK FORT eCommerce purchases and social media platforms
  • Be aware of competitors social marketing initiatives and how that affects customer experience
  • Maximize sales during special events and customer services
  • Ensure store teams process cash desk operations with engagement, efficiency, and accuracy
  • Coach management teams how to respond and appropriately resolve customer complaints and service opportunities

Staff Development

  • Source and hire top candidates to build high performing management teams
  • Build our team by welcoming new employees and onboarding new managers
  • Build and maintain relationships with store teams, peers, and relevant partners
  • Train and develop high performing Store Managers to maximize productivity
  • Provide timely feedback and training to management teams
  • Provide coaching, feedback, and validation of Store Manager’s performance through formal and informal evaluations
  • Inspire and motivate teams through demonstrating leadership qualities
  • Provide coaching, feedback, and validation of store teams’ ability to execute
  • OAK FORT Sales Culture
  • Initiate and communicate team objectives and updates with Store Managers and corporate partners
  • Partner with senior Retail Department to evaluate and dismiss underperforming management
  • Provide coaching to Store Managers on how to evaluate and dismiss underperforming staff
  • Support internal growth by partnering with senior Retail Department to promote high performing Management and Leadership teams
  • Demonstrate ability to secure and retain top performing staff within the district
  • Recognize top performing staff by partnering with senior Retail Department to provide compensation to fairly reward talent
  • Empower Store Manager’s business skills to further develop business acumen
  • Host staff meetings as necessary and participate in monthly District Manager’s meetings

Store Functionality

  • Participate in the training and execution of floor management
  • Develop Store Manager’s stock management skills to ensure the right quantity of stock is in the right place at the right time
  • Partner with Visual Merchandising Department to ensure stores maintain proper presentation of merchandise in accordance to corporate directives
  • Communicate inventory and stock management needs for stores to Product Department
  • Ensure store teams shipping and receiving of product is accurate and efficient
  • Oversee cleanliness and maintenance of physical stores to create safe and comfortable shopping experiences
  • Adhere to loss prevention policies to prevent external and internal theft
  • Educate store teams and support development of loss prevention policies
  • Ensure Store Manager’s create weekly schedules to maximize sales, eliminate wastage, and ensure the right quality and calibre of staff are working
  • Support with new store openings and closures with primary focus on training and staffing
  • Provide insight to Head Office of expansion plans in existing and new markets
  • Contribute ideas to developing new processes and frameworks to improve store organization and efficiency
  • Ensure Store Manager’s are upholding organizational standards of physical store and reference binders

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